Google AdWords Editorial Guidelines

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The most effective advertising communicates a clear message to a targeted audience. Once you determine whom you want to reach and select appropriate keywords, you need to create ads that will inform your potential customers about the products and services that you offer. The Google AdWords Editorial Guidelines will help you create effective ads to generate sales and meet your goals. Underlying all the Editorial Guidelines are two simple principles that have worked for thousands of advertisers already in the programme: * Clearly and accurately describe your site. * Emphasise the unique benefits of your product or service. Our ultimate goal is your success and we believe that providing a great user experience is the best way to ensure it. To run your ads on Google and our growing ad network of sites and products, you must adhere to these guidelines. Please also ensure that your site and ads comply with our Content Policy. In cases where only minor changes are required for an ad to comply with our Editorial Guidelines, an AdWords Specialist may edit your ad for you. Examples of the type of edits that we may make for you include the following: removing an exclamation point, removing or adding an extra space and fixing a spelling error. However, Google shall not be responsible in the event that a change is not made to your ad text and a disapproval results. So, please be careful to follow the Editorial Guidelines to help ensure that your ads continue running. Read more here:

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